Carriage Café Seville

We recently discovered this gem of a place, when looking for somewhere different for a birthday brunch.

“The centrepiece of the Carriage Café Seville is its over 100 year old carriage.

Constructed in 1910, this carriage originally ran along the Albury to Seymour line, before being repainted red, white and blue to become a tourist train in S.A.

The carriage ran until 2001 before sitting idle, however in 2009 it was brought back to Victoria and repainted to its original Indian Red colour, then in 2010 the Carriage Café Seville opened its doors for the first time.”


The carriage is located on the Warburton Trail, which provides great access for cyclists and horse riders (horses can be tethered!) Meals have names relating to trains ie Conductor Benedict and Savory French Freight Train, which we had!  There is an outdoor verandah and grassed seating, but we chose to sit inside one of the carriages!

Meals were well priced and service friendly!  We highly recommend visiting: Carriage Café Seville

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