We recently visited the lovely town of Noojee to visit the historic trestle bridge and Toorongo Falls.  Both places were impressive, as I’d seen photos taken by many of my photography friends there.

Noojee is located roughly 100km east of the Melbourne CBD, in the Gippsland region.

Noojee Trestle Bridge –  This trail is part of the branch line from Warragul that opened in 1919.  It was gradually closed in sections between 1954 and 1958.  This area suffers from bushfires and required a lot of expensive repairs on many occasions.  The Noojee Trestle was destroyed by fire in 1939, and rebuilt again in the same year.  It is an impressive structure spanning 102 metres, is 21 metres high, and is supported by 19 sets of piles.


Noojee Heritage Centre – A replica of the original Noojee Railway station, with it’s 150’s circa J class locomotive is a must for history buffs and railway enthusiasts.  The rebuilt station now houses the Heritage Centre with stories and displays detailing the past history of the station.


A further 15 minutes up the road, a scenic trip to the beautiful Toorongo Falls and Ampitheatre Falls.  We didn’t manage to make it up to Ampitheatre falls, but it was impressive enough seeing the lower river and Toorongo Falls.  Not far into the walk, you come to the Toorongo River, a beautiful spot to take photos or simply enjoy the scenery and sound of the river.


The walk up to Toorongo Falls takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour.  Some parts can be quite steep.  As you follow the cascading Little Toorongo River up a gully track, you are able to see glimpses of the falls (and hear them!), but once you reach the viewing platform, there is a stunning view!  I’ve seen some incredible photos taken of the water fall, but there is nothing like being there to see it!


If you love the outdoors and are looking for something (free) to do, pack a lunch and make the trip.  You won’t be disappointed!

Links to tourist websites here: Heritage Centre, Tooroongo Falls and Noojee Trestle Bridge.


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