Promoting local business

Since moving back to regional Victoria, it has been great to see so many wonderful small businesses, who support and embrace each other, despite the competition. There is great pride in sourcing local produce, living as sustainably as possible, committed to ensuring the community prospers.

Last week I popped out to Nicholson River Soaps to meet Bianca. Prior to moving, I had been looking for local suppliers of goat milk soap for the allergy sufferers in this house. Bianca’s products stood out to me for the variety, and range of natural products she uses. She hand makes her products on site and sells at farmers markets, hand made markets, as well as on site/website sales.

We can’t recommend her products enough! I’ve seen a big change in our skin, not to mention loving the scents and combinations! So here is some we love so far:

1. Patchouli & Sandlewood goats milk soap

2. Spearmint goats milk soap

3. Neem Oil dog wash soap. Puppy came up beautiful and smelt so nice!

4. Liquid hand wash with Jojoba, Neem and Argan oil

5. Natural Room Mist with Orange, Ylang Ylang and Geranium.

If you have sensitive/allergic skin, or simply prefer more natural products, head over to and have a look at their range!


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